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We are one of few Polish private companies that provide collection and chemical analysis of soil samples. We have been active in this market since 2000 and have our own LABORATORY, where we hire competent personnel. Credibility, reliability and impartiality are our advantages. Or clients are individual farmers and companies operating within agricultural industry in Poland as well as in other countries of the European Union.

The high level of our Laboratory quality can be attested to e.g. being granted the accreditation from Polish Centre of Accreditation (AB 1270). (link)

Apart from a wide range of chemical soil analyses, we also offer collection of samples using the most innovative GPS techniques. We track sites of soil samples collection directly through a satellite that enables us to create isolinear soil macronutrients maps or provide digital maps applied in precise plant fertilization.

In 2012 we implemented the unattended customers service system enabling them to single-handedly order research, create colour soil nutrient maps and follow fertilization guidelines (SQ).

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