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Samples collection by yourselves

In order to obtain a valid sample, several rules should be respected. The best way is to collect a sample by an Egner's soil sampler. One average sample should be collected from the area of 4 ha, from the field part of the same previous crop, crop, type fertilizing, etc. The average sample should be collected by making from 15 to 25 punctures with an Egner’s soil sampler, while stepping cornerwise or zigzagging through the previously appointed area. Soil from single punctures should be placed in e.g. plastic bucket, mixed after 15-25 punctures and placed in the box (0.3 kg for further analysis). You should avoid collecting samples directly after application of mineral or organic fertilizers and in periods of too intensive droughts or soil humidity. It is advisable to let soil dry out as it makes the possible time for getting analysis’s results shorter.

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