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We perform soil analyses and collect soil samples by means of the GPS.

We perform soil analyses in accordance with generally recognized methods, but we can also perform research based on the customer's requirements.

When sending samples to the Laboratory, specify the type of analysis to be performed, preferably on the application form (see Printed matter). Lack of indication of the analytical method means consent to the selection of the appropriate method by the Laboratory. The full range of methods used in the Laboratory is available in the "Prints" tab, in the "Analytical methods" file. Complaints can be submitted at any time, if it is possible to examine them. The laboratory provides a complaint handling procedure at the client's request. Complaints may be lodged within 14 days of receipt of the Research Report.

Agricultural soils analysis


Most of soil analyses for agricultural needs are performed on dry samples, with the exception of the analysis estimating the level of mineral nitrogen in a sample, which is performed directly on fresh soil just after its collection. Soil analysis shall be performed every 3-4 years.

In order to get the analysis result that is useful and meets the requirements, a soil sample should be collected properly. For total amount of analyses mistakes only 20-30% are those made in laboratories and up to 70-80% are made during improper soil samples collection. You can collect a soil sample on your own or order this to us. Remember that 0.5 kg of a sample collected from 4 ha of an area should reflect soil nutrients present in 12.000 tonnes of soil!

The basic analysis is to estimate the amount of such available macronutrients like P, K, Mg in soil and its pH level.

The basic analysis can be extended by the analysis of amounts of such available macronutrients like Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe and the analysis of boron B, especially important in cultivation of some plants.

More and more often Polish soils lack sulphur. It can be assessed by performing the analysis of sulphate sulphur level available for plants.

More and more often Polish soils lack sulphur. It can be assessed by performing the analysis of sulphate sulphur level available for plants.

Other often analysed value is level of soil humus. Its high level is very important for appropriate plants nutrition.

Little valued information are details regarding the percentage of the floatable fraction, i.e. so called granulometric composition. Having knowledge on granulometric composition, it is possible to estimate doses of fertilizers in a more precise way.

In some cases, e.g. when fertilizing soils with sludge or cultivating plants of extraordinary purpose, it is necessary to perform analyses of heavy metals percentage (Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Pb, Cd, Ni+ Hg).

Orchard soils analysis


For orchard soils identification of macro- and micronutrients is performed in accordance with the same methodology like for agricultural soils. However, it is important that samples would be collected from two layers: the arable layer of 0-20 cm and the subarable layer of 20-40 cm. Classes of orchard soils nutrient availability are established on the basis of the separate “limiting numbers”. Generally phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and pH are identified.

The more and more often performed analysis is identification of the level of available forms of extracted elements by means of 0.03 N acetic acid like in case of horticultural plants.

Horticultural soils analysis

Horticultural soils analysis reflects a current condition of soil. Its samples are collected prior to every sowing or planting. The best thing is to collect soil with an Egner’s soil sampler from the layer of 0-20 cm and to deliver soil to the laboratory as soon as possible until it is fresh. Identification of nitrate nitrogen, phosphates, potassium, magnesium calcium and sodium is conducted by means of 0.03 N acetic acid. Level of salinity and pH in a water extract is also identified.

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